Learning basic assembly:
Cols: classic suits, blouses, shirts, claudins, shawls, short, sharp, Italian, buttoned, officer, broken, tie, mao, Mandarin, sailor suit, dive, rounded, choker, amount, rolled, fireplace, jacket, crossover cardigan, V, to buttons, font, lace, double padded, hooded
Sleeves: Climbs, blouses, kimono, leg, hand wheel, ball, peasant, puffed, ruffled, bucket, open short, calypso, pagoda, angel bracelet, tulip, caftan, handlebar, hammer, cutter, curved, raglan, dolman , bat, bell, lantern, bishop, pleated
Wrist: shirt, blouse, musketeer, cuff, roll, pinch pleats, zipper, sliding, ribbed
Pockets: Italian, plated, peasant sleeve, side, passepoillées, cavalier, at right angles etc.
Pleats: Flat, pressed flat, hollow, round, ease, flexibility retained, religious, clip-fold, side vents, opening of ease, comfort slot, smocking, pleated jewel paw Serage, gathers
Faceplates: ruffled, pleated, starched
Fly: zip, buttoned
Belt: enforme, right, with English etc.
Mounting zip: normal or invisible